We have been committing ourselves to serve cross-border e-commerce company, to help them solve problems in development with our one-stop service in vide range from product resources to product selecting, market analysis, website building, team building, online operation training, flow inlet, overseas marketing, buyer service, dispute handling, after-sales service, international logistics, overseas locain, professional operation. We also provide services in warehouse and supply chain logistics, online products collection system, cross-border industry complex to train more top sellers on amazon and to serve them with corresponding supply chain resources, product distribution (include shipping and overseas locain), tax refund of goods consolidation, overseas brand registration, legal service, overseas thirdpartnar. Now we are at the first stage of supply chain building. We have cooperative partners in Letherland, UK, France, Australia, US, German and they can help us meet the goal of expanding the e-commerce market to their countries even to wider ranges such as South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and provide thirdpartnar services for our customers so that we can realize the localization of e-commerce development. And our ultimate goal is to help online sellers sell their products worldwidely and shake off the lable of “made in china”, to lable our products “made in quality” and “made with wisdom”.

With high quality products, enough capital, united team, you can realize the dream of making your products renowned worldwidely through our supply chain.

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